I sent images but I do not see a case in my account, what should I do?
Posted by DVMInsight Support1, Last modified by Jennifer Mickulas on 08 April 2017 12:55 PM

If you have sent images to our server from your imaging system using a dicom transfer, check the dicom queue in your imaging system for any error or failure messages. If there is an error, we recommend contacting your digital vendor for further assistance with troubleshooting. If it shows that the send was successful, and a case is not created in your account after 5-10 minutes, it is possible the images were received but not filed under your account.

IMPORTANT: Images acquired at another hospital and imported into your imaging system will retain the Institution Name and AE Title of that hospital. Our server uses this information to track images and move them to an account. If the information is associated another account, you will need assistance from DVMInsight Technical Support to move the case or you will need to upload the images manually. If the information is NOT associated with another account, the images will store in our unknown cases.

To search unknown cases:

1. Click Search Unknown Cases on the Submit Request page

2. Enter the Patient ID or Patient Name and click Locate Patient

3. If your case is in unknown, check the Select box next to the case and click Move Cases to Selected User

4. The case will move to Cases Needing User Attention, return to the Submit Request page


If your case does not show up in your account and you cannot find it in unknown cases, please submit a ticket for further assistance.

Why is my case or images in unknown cases?



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