How do I resubmit a case that was canceled, reported, or in storage?
Posted by Stephen Walters (Import), Last modified by Jennifer Mickulas on 30 June 2017 02:04 PM

All cases that have not been submitted for review within 3 days, will be moved to storage.

Cases in storage can be seen on the Submit Request page for 10 days:

Reports that have been completed or canceled, can be seen on the Submit Request page for 24 hours.


If the case is not found on the Submit Request page, it can be found from All Exams under the Review My Cases drop down menu:

NOTE: The Filter Dates on the All Exams page may need to be adjusted to include the date the exam was sent to DVMInsight.


To make a case available for resubmission:

1. Once you have found the case you would like to submit, click on the Patient ID or Patient Name link

2. Click Make Case Available for Interpretation

3. After the page refreshes, the case has moved from storage to Cases Needing User Attention, return to the Submit Request page






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