How to Submit a Case for Review to your Teleradiology Company
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Submitting a case for review to your Radiologist or Teleradiology Company is a 2-step process on

1. Transfer or upload the images to the DVMInsight server

2. Request a Report

To Request a Report:

1. Next to your case under Cases Needing User Attention, click Request Report. If your case is not available here, Search Unknown Cases by patient ID and claim the case.


2. Complete the Request Form:


On the History tab (all fields are required):

Step 1: Doctor Information: Select the Consultant from your Teleradiology Company or First Available and your Submitting Doctor.


Step 2: Patient Information: Indicate the Number of Images you are submitting for review; click the magnifying glass to preview the first 10 images attached to the case. Confirm or complete all patient information; you only need to provide the age OR date of birth.

Step 3: Enter the history for the case.

Step 4: Reference Cases: Any cases created on DVMInsight that match the patient ID will automatically display here OR you can search using another patient ID. Select the case to link the images to this report request.

Step 5: Review Type: Select the review type for your case. If STAT is an option for you, you will be able to check the box next to STAT Read to request this service.

On the Advanced Features tab (all fields are optional):

Step 6: Guest Access / Share Case: To provide guest access to the case, select the access level (Standard or Universal) and Send Guest Access Instructions via Email. To share with another hospital on the DVMInsight network, select the State / Region and Hospital Name and they will be able to access the case through their own DVMInsight account.

Step 7: Referral Information: If you know in advance that another clinic would like a copy of the report once completed, complete the referral clinic information.

Step 8: Client Notes: Enter any information here that you would like to provide to the reader but you do not want to show on the report.

Step 9: Multiple Reader Request: User this to request an additional report from another reader, please check with your Radiologist or Teleradiology Company regarding additional fees incurred with this service.

Step 10: Attachments: Use the Open Upload Window to attach other documents, such as lab work results, to the case. There is a 150MB limit per file and total upload limit of 4GB. This feature should not be used to attach images.

3. Click Submit Case for Review, then OK to confirm. Make sure you receive a “Thank you for submitting your case” notification, if any fields on the History form are incomplete you will need to complete them and resubmit for review.




This document is provided in PDF format below if you would like to print for future reference. Please contact DVMInsight Support if you have any questions or need further assistance.

 How to Submit a Case for Review.pdf (266.17 KB)
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