Why is my case or images in unknown cases?
Posted by Jennifer Mickulas, Last modified by DVMInsight Support Team on 01 May 2020 11:59 AM

Our server tracks images according to the Institution Name and/or AE Title on the dicom images tags and moves them to the corresponding account. If the information does not match any existing accounts, the images and case will remain in unknown cases. You can search and claim a case from unknown, but this adds extra steps to your workflow and we recommend resolving the issue to save you time.

There are a few reasons why your case may have transferred to unknown:

  1. The images were acquired at another hospital. Importing the images into your imaging software and then transferring them to our server does not overwrite the dicom information. If you cannot find the case in unknown, you will need to upload the images manually (see below).
  2. A software update caused the information to change. DVMInsight Technical Support can take a look at the image tags to verify and adjust your account if needed.
  3. You are sending from a different workstation. Some systems have a unique AE Title, or Institution Name, for each viewer workstation. Either the information needs to match on every workstation or DVMInsight Technical Support needs to add them to your account.


One of the images transferred to my account and the rest transferred to unknown cases?

In some cases, adding annotations or overlays to your images (i.e. laterality markers) will remove the Institution Name from the dicom tags. Our server will see that field as blank and move the image to unknown cases. We would recommend following up with your imaging vendor support to troubleshoot this further.


If the issue requires a call to your vendor, but you need to get some images submitted as soon as possible, we recommend uploading your images manually:

How to Upload DICOM Images

How to Upload JPG and Other Image Formats


Please submit a ticket to DVMInsight Technical Support if you need further assistance with troubleshooting.



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