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For Company Admins and Specialists Only - NEW Reading Procedures for PC Users
Posted by DVMInsight Onboarding & Elevations Team on 15 February 2021 12:12 PM

February 15, 2021


This is an Important, time sensitive message for DVMInsight Company Administrators and Specialists regarding the DVMInsight RadWorklist program.


Due to necessary advancements in security protocols, The RadWorklist program Specialists use to download images and write reports using a Windows PC, will retire and will cease to operate on March 31, 2021.


We have replacement companion software, called the DVMIDownloader, that integrates with the WebRadWorklist online in the RadPortal.

Use of this tool will streamline the downloading and report writing processes for the Windows PC user.

Specialists using Windows PCs will need to start adopting use of the new DVMI Downloader and the WebRadWorklist reporting writing tools as soon as possible.


Points of Interest:

  • If you are a RadBounce user, the DVMIDownloader will use your existing user credentials and bounce images to your viewer.
  • If you are not a RadBounce user but would like to learn more, Submit a Ticket and Support can assist you.
  • When you begin to learn and use the new software, make sure you are logged out of your RadWorklist program on your PC and don’t have both the RadWorklist and DVMIDownloader running at the same time. Running both concurrently runs the risk of conflict and lock up.
  • Once you are comfortable using the DVMIDownloader, please uninstall the RadWorklist.



Documentation and Download info:


Installation and Configuration instructions for DVMIDownloader.

Enhanced instructions on how to use the DVMIDownloader and issue reports using the WebRadWorklist.


Future reminder messages will be sent out until the RadWorklist is retired on March 31, 2021.


Please start using this new process today and keep us updated with your questions, comments and thoughts regarding future enhancements.