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DVMInsight Server and WebRadWorklist Changes
Posted by DVMInsight Onboarding & Elevations Team on 23 March 2021 04:31 PM


We recognize our responsibility to you and your customers to provide a platform you can rely upon.  We apologize for the recent performance interruptions and the impact to you, your clients and their patients. We want to make you aware of improvements designed to fix the performance of the platform.  

On March 18th, 2021 we added server capacity to improve stability and better manage case volume. 

Our team is deploying a Service Pack this week that includes the following features: 

For Specialists using the WebRadWorklist:  

  • ‘Select All’ will allow Readers to Select and Queue all cases there for Download
  • Recent Cases tab will display and sort by Confirmed date and time, default sort is newest to oldest
  • Recent Cases tab will have a Recent Case List Count
  • Will allow Readers to control sizing of Text Boxes on Report Page and Store Preferences in Cookies

We are also working to define the strategic vision for the platform. Our intention is to invest in the stability and usability of DVMInsight and will share more as that future comes into focus.  

In the coming weeks, you’ll see notices from us keeping you up-to-date, including details about DVMInsight system health and improvements.   

We thank you for your continued partnership and trust in DVMInsight.