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DVMInsight Update Release
Posted by DVMInsight Support on 02 December 2022 10:47 AM

DVMInsight Release is scheduled for Tuesday, December 6th at 5pm ET.  No downtime is expected with this release.

This release includes a number of security enhancements to keep information protected.  Those that will be visible to users are listed below.

Guest Access: We have streamlined and made Guest Access more secure.  Guest Access will now issue a unique Guest Key for each exam, which will allow the clinic to access the exam, images, and related reports.  The Guest Key will expire after 7 days and can be renewed if needed.  This replaces current Guest Access issuing a guest username and password to each clinic.

New accounts: Usernames are required to be unique, regardless of capitalization.

Case search: When logged in as a clinic, search results are limited to clinic view matching images received in last three days.

There were also several additional enhancements, that hopefully make DVMInsight a better workflow for all.