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I'm not getting emails from DVMInsight
Posted by DVMInsight Support Team, Last modified by DVMInsight Support1 on 03 February 2014 04:41 PM

When you are having email issues, we need specific cases that you are having issues with be sure to contact us with the specific reports you did not receive.

1. Check your email addresses on file. Be sure they're exactly correct. Remember, one letter off and you won't receive the email.

2. Make sure you're set up to receive the emails. In the user profile and reader profile there are specific settings taht control where emails go.

3. Make sure that * and * are in your email programs "white list". This is a list of accepted email addresses and controls if reports go to SPAM or directly to trash.

If the problem is your email provider has blocked, marked as spam, or otherwise black listed the sender. We can find out where the issue is if we have specific cases to pursue as we email a copy of all reports, announcements and other correspondence to an outside, third party email system. We'll track the speific email in the third party host and check the email addresses in that copy. If the third party receives the email with the addresses intact, the issue is local to your ISP, or your email program

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