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What does the ASK Status mean?
Posted by DVMInsight Support1, Last modified by DVMInsight Support1 on 21 May 2014 11:36 AM

When cases are transmitted to our servers and registered under your account, you'll see the case listed in one of four case categories:

ASK--- the case is waiting for a history. It will stay at this status for 3 days. If it is not submitted for review, it will move to STORE.

If you are looking for a report on a case and notice the case status says ASK, it means the case was not submitted for review.

Please follow these attached steps to submit the case for review. 

REVIEW--- The case was successfully submitted for review

STORE--- Cases are set to STORE for one of three scenarios

     1. The case was not submitted for review and marked as storage by the submitting clinic.

     2. The case was moved to storage by the system after waiting in ASK status for 3 days

     3. The case was attached to another submission as a Reference case.                                                                               

         This is done to avoid duplicate submissions when cases are linked together.

DELETED--- the submitting clinic sent the study in error and contacted Tech Support to ask that we delete the images .

Studies can't really be deleted but we can set them to a DELETED status.


If you need assistance, please open a ticket and provide us with as much information as possible regarding your case and issue. 

Thank you!





 two step case submission.pdf (65.63 KB)
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