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How do I contact a Specialist to discuss a report or my Company for questions?
Posted by Stephen Walters (Import), Last modified by Jennifer Mickulas on 09 February 2017 09:40 AM

There a few ways you can find a Specialist or Company contact information:

  1. On your report, Company information will be located at the top and Specialist contact information is typically at the bottom.
  2. If you received your report via email, the Specialist and/or your Company email address may be included in the To: or Cc: fields.
  3. Contact information can also be found in your account on by selecting Reader/Consultant Contact Information from the Support drop down menu.

You may need to call your Company and have them assist you with reaching a specific Specialist if their information is not available. Company information can also be found on the Reader/Consultant Contact Information page under the Support drop down menu in your account.


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