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Help I did not receive a copy of a report.
Posted by DVMInsight Support1, Last modified by DVMInsight Support1 on 26 February 2014 03:52 PM

All reports are always available on the website.

In fact, if you are using the WebPR or the Stand Alone PR, it will show you what reports are completed within the last 24 hours.
You are never without the ability to retrieve reports unless the website is unavailable.

When you access your reports online, you can print, re-fax, re-email, cut and paste them into your practice management software or download a PDF of the report.

We can only guarantee email reception to the following: MSN Hotmail, MSN Mail, MSN Live Mail, Windows Live Mail. We are listed as a preferred provider on all these systems. This means they are the only email providers that will not throw away our emails, or mark them as spam. Google (Gmail) is a good service to be on since it'll just put us in it's spam folder instead of trashing the emails.

If you are experiencing a problem with your email program blocking reports from us, you may want to create a separate email account for your reports on one of the above-listed providers. You can also call your ISP and tell them, as their customer, that "Vital patient medical records" are being blocked and thier spam software is interfering with vital information getting to its destination. You should use that language and tell them you are a Doctor and need your emails from us. Once they fix it, it may take a few days but it should get done.

To view a brief tutorial on how to view your reports online, click the following link:

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