Cases Flagged as Test
Posted by Lindsey White, Last modified by DVMInsight Onboarding & Elevations Team on 04 May 2022 05:10 PM

Cases Flagged as Test

 Clinics have the ability to flag a case as a Test Case.  Cases flagged as Test Case will automatically be non-billable and all fields will have the text “THIS IS A TEST CASE” appended to them.

 Test Cases will be indicated to Readers by a green background in the patient section:

 To remove a test case from your worklist, simply click Confirm as you would when completing a report on a normal case. This will generate a test case report. No further action is needed.

NOTE: Readers can also flag a case as a Test Case by clicking the “Mark as Test Case” checkbox, in case the clinic forgot to check the box during submission. 

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